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Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ

Improve air quality and make a great first impression on your Phoenix, AZ, customers and guests with commercial carpet cleaning services. milliCare by Corporate Flooring Solutions offers gentle, environmentally friendly commercial carpet cleanings that keep your carpets fresh and beautiful, all without the hassle of commercial carpet steam cleaners or other water-based products.

Completely Dry Commercial Carpet Care

Our commercial carpet cleaning services uses dry polymers to eliminate contaminants, reducing water consumption by 99%. Using this form of commercial carpet care results in nearly 0 down time, allowing you to get back to business in minutes, not hours. Our dry method eliminates 99% of pollutants, including mold, and bacteria and helps your carpets to stay cleaner, longer while drastically improving indoor air quality. Servicing Phoenix and surrounding areas, give us a call today!

Our 4-Step Business Carpet Cleaning Process

Every commercial carpet cleaning service begins with a pre-mist treatment that loosens dirt and soil in the carpet fibers. Our commercial carpet cleaners then disperse a dry polymer compound that crystallizes pollutants and dirt for easy removal. We then vacuum the entire area, removing the crystalline particles to deliver a deep clean. Lastly, we apply a hospital-grade disinfectant, Sporicidin, that deodorizes and sanitizes carpet in one step.

milliCare by Corporate Flooring Solutions also offers Milliken’s OBEX system, which stops moisture, dirt, contaminants, and pollutants before they ever enter the building. This innovative matting system is available for entrances, as well as interior and exterior application, and is a three-zone barrier system that, when installed correctly, can lengthen the appearance retention and life of your carpet.

  • Rest assured that all of our commercial carpet cleaning products are environmentally friendly. We use an EPA-registered List N disinfectant that is OSHA compliant and pH neutral with low toxicity, and we pride ourselves on saving water by avoiding steam cleaning in favor of dry polymer treatments.

  • Save water with polymer-based business carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning methods use 99% less water when compared to hot water extraction methods.

  • Remove airborne contaminants with our commercial carpet cleaners. Our carpet care services remove up to 99% of pollutants and contaminants, drastically improving air quality.

  • Avoid shriveled or shrunken fibers that result from the use of commercial carpet steam cleaners. Hot water extraction causes adverse side effects, while our polymer treatment cleans your carpet without harming it.

  • Eliminate dirt and debris for an effortless, long-lasting clean commercial carpet. The combination of dry-polymer activation and vacuuming removes more dirt than steam cleaning, making office carpet cleaning easy.

Why Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Matters

The EPA has consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. Good IAQ is an important component of a healthy environment, and our innovative commercial carpet cleaning system is proven to improve your indoor environment with none of the drawbacks associated with steam cleaning.

Where traditional hot-water cleaning methods can promote mold and mildew growth, our process uses 99% less water and leaves behind a fresh, dry carpet that’s ready to trap dust, particles, and allergens immediately. Furthermore, milliCare’s procedure draws up ground-in grime, oil, dirt, and other pollutants from deep within the carpet fibers to ensure better IAQ immediately after application.

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